A Word on How to Foster Resilience

Fostering Resilience As the world around us slowly starts to reopen we may still find ourselves feeling fatigued, frustrated, burned out, or in some ways very anxious. Navigating through this pandemic has not been an easy feat for any of us. Let’s discuss the impact of this long-term stress on our resilience and how we […]

Mental Health Basics

What is Mental Health? Our mental health encompasses our entire well-being. Being mentally health refers to ones psychological wellness. Moreover, just as it is crucial to maintain ones physical health, it is just as important to enhance and maintain our mental health. Furthermore, being mentally healthy does not just mean the absence of psychological disorders, […]

Trauma Symptoms are Normal

What is Trauma? Trauma occurs when we experience a life threatening event or perceived life threatening event, such as a car accident, major surgery, fire, victim or a witness of a crime, natural disaster, sexual assault, abuse, terrorism etc. Our brain and body experiences a characteristic response to trauma, which in the initial moments that […]

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What is Anxiety?

Everyone feels anxious, nervous, and worried from time to time. Situations like interviews, dating, trying something for the first time, and giving presentations are all stressful and can cause us to feel fearful or anxious. So what is Anxiety Anyway? Anxiety is described as a state of apprehension and worry that something bad or unpleasant […]