Four Reasons to Invite Change In Your Life

Our last post focused on the reasons we generally avoid change, be they related to a fear of the unknown, or unwillingness to surrender the comfortable and familiar. This post will explore the flip side of the coin. Change can represent excitement, new beginnings, and adventure – a fresh start or another chance. Here are

The Four Main Reasons we Fear Change

It isn’t uncommon to hear people express that they are “not good with change.” This may even ring true for you. But what do we truly mean when we say we aren’t good with change? We might know that the experience of change makes us uncomfortable, but can we identify the reasons why? This post

Stress-mas Week Mantra

‘Tis the week before Christmas, and for many people, that means stress and overwhelm are at an all-time high. Whether you enjoy the holidays or not, nobody can deny the mayhem that seems to manifest itself this time of year. The traffic is absurd, every store is packed to the brim with sleep-deprived (not to

Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Associated Difficulties

Anxiety is not an uncommon experience. Anticipating medical test results, experiencing relationship difficulties, and preparing for public speeches, are all circumstances that could result in substantial levels of anxiety. As we’ve previously explained, however, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), characterizes a specific condition in which the anxiety doesn’t subside after stress-provoking events have passed. It persists,

“Communication Breakdown;” Relationship Trouble and Repair

Try as we might, it is impossible to avoid conflict in romantic relationships. It is difficult to avoid in most significant relationships, for that matter. Conflict is healthy – when different individuals from different backgrounds and upbringings come together, it is unrealistic not to expect the occasional clash in personalities or opinions. As we have

The Gift of Gratitude

With Thanksgiving weekend past, we may be thankful for leftover stuffing, but what becomes of the rest of the year when it comes to feeling gratitude? What does it truly mean to feel grateful? Studies have shown that expressing gratitude is actually associated with numerous health benefits for both emotional and physical well-being. We will