Important Things You Need To Know About: New Year’s Resolutions

by Hagit Malikin, Student Intern Happy New Year everyone! Let’s welcome 2019 with open arms and embark on new and exciting adventures this year. Many New Year traditions usually look something like this: big parties with friends and/or family, champagne, lots of food and of course, our New Year’s Resolutions.  “In 2019, I will exercise

Important Things You Need To Know About: Educational Counselling

By Hagit Malikin What is educational counselling? Educational psychologists focus on everything that has to do with education. They help students face school stressors such as tests & exams, school transitions, course and program selection and more. In addition to educational help, educational counsellors help students with social, behavioural and emotional problems that may hinder

Important Things You Need To Know About: Career Counselling

By Hagit Malikin What is career counselling? This type of counselling is focused on helping the individual learn and understand the career and educational options available to him/her. It’s designed to help choose, change or leave a career at any given point in the person’s life. In addition to career choices, career counselling helps determine

Meet Kim Wolfe; Our Psychotherapist & Career/ Educational Counsellor

By Hagit Malikin Kim is a licensed psychotherapist with over a decade of experience in counselling, coaching, educational consulting, career management and psychotherapy. Her solution-focused approach is to empower & motivate you to take charge of your life and assist you in developing the required skills to cope with life’s challenges and overcome your current

The Four Sources of Meaning

Dr. Viktor Frankl is a world renowned Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Professor of Psychology, and Holocaust survivor. Having lost all of his family in a concentration camp, including his pregnant wife, Frankl became very interested in how individuals confront adversity. He discovered that those who are able to find meaning in suffering fare best, and ultimately built