The Power of Mind-Body Work

We invite you to learn about our unique service and perhaps experience it for your self. It is unlike any form of traditional massage and truly captures the powerful essence of a holistic approach to healing, conceiving of the mind and body as one.

By Rosalind Smith, Jin Shin Do Therapist

What is Mind-Body Work?

Mind-Body Work is a form of energetic body work consisting of the ancient healing art of Jin Shin Do.

Jin Shin Do – in Japanese literally means ‘compassionate spirit way.’ It is a technique founded in the principles of Oriental Physiology (meridian work) and acupuncture therapy.

The eight extraordinary meridians of the body are utilized in concert with the twelve organ meridians in order to access and release body armoring and internal tension in the physical structure of the body.

Jin Shin Do combines the ancient form known as jin shin jiutsu with the body segmental armoring principles of Willhelm Reich, in order to help the body and mind release emotional ,psychological, and physical tension.

This wonderful tool is useful, especially in a multidisciplinary setting when one is supported in mind, body, and spirit.

If you are ready for a new experience, something entirely unique that can offer you a sense of healing and release you have never before felt, you may be ready for a Mind-Body experience with Rosalind.

Give us a call 514-758-7792 or send us an email at for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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