Important Things You Need To Know About: Educational Counselling

By Hagit Malikin

What is educational counselling?

Educational psychologists focus on everything that has to do with education. They help students face school stressors such as tests & exams, school transitions, course and program selection and more. In addition to educational help, educational counsellors help students with social, behavioural and emotional problems that may hinder the success of the person’s education.

Who can benefit from educational counselling?

Students of all ages may benefit from educational counselling. Even if not faced with immediate worries, seeing an educational counsellor may reassure the student as well as provide guidance for future endeavours.

High school students transitioning to CEGEP greatly benefit from educational counselling. They are exposed to a vast array of information such as programs, schools and admission requirements.

How does educational counselling help?

Educational counselling provides students with academic path options as well as guidance for everyday school challenges.