Top 5 Back to School Tips for Parents

Returning to school after summer holidays can be exciting, but is often met with resistance. Each year presents a new set of unique challenges as the children begin a new grade, and must return to their autumnal routines and activities. Here are some tips for parents to stay organized and prepared, and of course, remember to enjoy the new experiences along the way.

Back to School Tips for Parents:

1) Prepare in advance: one of the biggest back to school challenges for parents is “bedtime” and getting the kids up on time for school. By preparing lunches, making sure homework is done, having your children prepare their school bags for the next day, and even lay out clothing, the night before, you can avoid much stressful bustling in the morning. The likelihood of forgetting something important is also largely diminished when you prepare for each day, the night before. It also teaches children responsibility and good time management skills.

2) Invest in a good tutor: if you have a busy schedule and worry about finding the time to manage your household and family life on top of a full-time job, help reduce the pressure by investing in a good tutor. Kids get insurmountable amounts of challenging homework nowadays, and it could be very difficult to find the time to help them with it when there are other important priorities to attend to. A tutor can be a wonderful help in keeping your child motivated and focused, even if they don’t seem to need the extra pedagogical support.

3) Always make time for family:  the stressful nature of a busy schedule can easily give way to the things which matter most. No matter how much you feel you have on your plate, one thing you never want to neglect, is quality family time. If you feel overwhelmed by responsibilities, and this is affecting your family life and enjoyment, take a step back and make changes to your schedule. After all, the moments you share with your family and children as they grow, are memories you will cherish for a lifetime. Regardless of how much anxiety the hustle and bustle of life can cause you, be sure to make time for those family dinners, apple picking adventures, movie nights by the fire, and all the other activities you so enjoy. They are what makes it all worthwhile.

4) Don’t skimp on self-care: we are strong advocates of self-care, especially when it comes to individuals in care-giving roles. When you spend all of your time managing your children’s schedules and your family life, your own personal needs could fall by the way side. Don’t forget that you are never alone. If you feel yourself beginning to burn out, there is no shame in seeking help from family members, friends, or even professionals, so that you may take some time for yourself to rest and recuperate. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty vessel. Spreading yourself too thin will keep you from enjoying your family and all that you have invested in it.

5) Notice the positives: I often hear parents refer to September as the “crazy, busy, stressful, run-around” back to school season, but I have also heard a select few highlight it’s advantages; there is order and routine in the house again, there is more time for necessary household tasks, and the kids get to enjoy their scholastic and extra-curricular activities again. It is important to realize that to school each autumn marks the beginning of a new chapter for children, where their passions and interests are nurtured as they learn new things, make new friends, and share new experiences. Each day, they grow and develop into the individuals they will become in adulthood, and that is truly a wonderful thing.