Stress-mas Week Mantra

‘Tis the week before Christmas, and for many people, that means stress and overwhelm are at an all-time high. Whether you enjoy the holidays or not, nobody can deny the mayhem that seems to manifest itself this time of year. The traffic is absurd, every store is packed to the brim with sleep-deprived (not to mention rude) shoppers, it seems everyone’s patience is running thin, and the weather certainly doesn’t help our circumstances. As enchanting as December can be, there are aspects of the holiday season that can serve to frustrate, aggravate, and discourage us. As such, since mindfulness and gratitude are some of the most powerful positive forces affecting mental health, we would like to offer you a simple mantra to recite over the next few weeks. When you’re at a standstill on the 20, biting your tongue while your brother-in-law goes on one of his rants, or sweating bullets at the mall, take deep breaths and tell yourself:

I am blessed to be healthy and alive today

To enjoy the all the gifts of the season

I am fortunate to have family and loved ones to spend the holidays with

I will face rudeness and obstacles with compassion and serenity

Time is on my side, there is no real hurry, there is no rush

I have done enough, I am enough

My life is now, I will enjoy this moment

I am strong, poised, and resilient

The Holidays are meant for rejoicing and enjoying, and I will do just that.

Take the pressure off yourself this week, and remember the reason for the season – whatever that may mean to you. The Holidays come but once a year, so as you weather the storm, cultivate peace, serenity, and gratitude, so that you may truly embrace and enjoy the season’s magic.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy Holiday Season!