SAD – Seasonal Affect Disorder

November starts a long winter in Montreal, with less sunlight for many months. Many people suffer a form of depression due to lack of sunlight called Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) also know as November blues, February blahs, and winter blues. Symptoms include: feelings of sadness or ‘down in the dumps’, less social contact, not enjoying your activities as much as before, feeling fatigued and having less energy than usual, and sleeping more.

Even though winter is long there are many things you can do to help beat the winter blues. Taking breaks and get outside during sunlight hours. Make sure you continue to eat well and get enough sleep. Even though you might have less energy, keep or start getting physical exercise – it is natures best antidepressant. Talk to your doctor or healthcare provider about taking supplements such as vitamin c, D or melatonin as well as whether a SAD lamp is right for you. Talk about your experience, you are not alone with your feelings and symptoms. If you are not sure about your symptoms talk to a professional.