Psychotherapy with Paula Lorimer

“I went to see Dr. Lorimer for personal matters. I found her to be highly professional and an outstanding guide in helping us find solutions. She is a warm, open, attentive, punctual and easy to talk to and expressed herself in a clear and concise manner. I would highly recommend Paula Lorimer’s services.” ~ Susie G, Montreal *

“I worked with Paula for problems related to anxiety and depression over several years. Paula makes you feel comfortable immediately, an essential aspect of therapy. Her approach was gentle yet firm and encouraging. As a result of working with Paula, I was able to better able to control my anxiety and remain calmer; better recognize signs of depression and more easily accept things that were beyond my control.” ~ AS, Lachine *

“I first came to see Paula because I didn’t seem to be satisfied with my life even though it looked good on paper. I had a comfortable job, a nice boyfriend and good friends but I found myself crying in the bathroom during my lunch breaks. With the help of Paula, I came to realize that my thoughts about myself and my life were causing these crying spells. Four years later, I’m married to that nice boyfriend and living in sunny California. Once in a while, if I notice my thoughts need another tweak, I’ll email Paula and we’ll schedule a Skype session. I have shared her contact information with my friends and family and she’s one of the best psychologists” ~ Kimberly J, Los Angeles, California *

“Paula has helped me realize that others are not constantly passing judgment upon me, and that it is normal to act for myself rather than to please others. This has had a significant impact in professional life as my fear of failure is now less pronounced, resulting in much less obsessive behaviour over small details, more efficient and stress-free work, and much more clear and concise decision making. Thank you Paula! ~ Jeremy, Montreal *

*Results may vary for each individual