Individual Yoga

Evolution Psychology Center offers individual therapeutic yoga for your personal needs and skill level. Our unique Individual Therapeutic Yoga Programs include:

bigstock-Shoulder-Stretching-32242967-300x200Yoga for Chronic Pain and Fatigue

Four 1-hour and 15-minute long private sessions
First session includes a detailed personalized assessment

According to Statistics Canada, about 1 in 10 Canadians experience chronic pain, with back problems and migraine headaches being the most common. Chronic pain can lead to other health concerns like eating disorders, mental health compromises, sleep disturbances and absenteeism. Sound familiar? If so, increase your ease and quality of life by learning effective tools for pain-management that aim to reduce your nervous system to a less hypersensitive state of reactivity. Self-awareness and self-regulation techniques are taught through the use of yoga movements customized to your requirements, mindfulness, meditation and deep breathing exercises.

Cost: $259

bigstock-Lower-part-of-young-woman-doin-51433816-300x200Yoga for Anxiety and Stress Relief

Four 1-hour and 15-minute long private sessions
First session includes assessment

Yoga is a practice that helps to relax and calm the mind and body. Our therapeutic yoga teacher will help students reduce their levels of stress and manage their anxiety by teaching students how to live in the present moment, notice habitual unawareness, automatic thinking and behaviour, and respond to anxiety provoking situations differently.

Cost: $259

Other personal difficulties our individual therapeutic yoga services can help you with include trauma, depression, anger, managing impulsive behavior, and more.

Note: Further sessions are available to book at $79/hour or 4 more sessions at $299.

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