Corporate Yoga

Portrait of attractive white collar worker meditating in office
Are you looking to promote mental and physical health in your workplace? Would you like to help your staff manage their stress and maximize their productivity? Did you know yoga can foster team

bonding and promote healthy working relationships?

The Evolution Psychology Center is now offering corporate yoga services for staff and personnel in workplace settings. Our expert Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, Karen Hargot will travel to your workplace and provide your staff with tailored yoga services to best suit your team’s unique needs. The corporate yoga programs we offer focus on stress and anxiety relief, team building, enhancing energy & productivity, and burnout prevention, among others.

Karen has nearly 10 years of experience teaching yoga classes to populations of different ages, backgrounds, and yoga skill levels within the same class. As such, she can teach a multilevel experience so that both the experienced yogis and the beginners can equally feel welcome and enjoy the program. The pace and skill level of each program offered will reflect the needs and desires of your unique team.

Some Benefits of Yoga in the workplace:

  • Promotes team building
  • Increases productivity
  • Prevents stress accumulation and burnout
  • Decreases stress and anxiety
  • Increases energy and vitality
  • Improves concentration and general sense of well being

Our corporate yoga programs are sold in packages of 8, 10, or 12 weeks with morning, lunch hour, and evening availability.

Call 514-758-PSYC (7792) or email for more information or to book an initial meeting with our Therapeutic Yoga Teacher


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