Weight Loss

Tired of not fitting into your clothes? Feeling deprived? Hate feeling guilty about ‘breaking the diet?’If so, our Weight Loss Support Group is for you! Say goodbye to yo-yo dieting which we all know DOESN’T WORK!

bigstock-Woman-After-Diet-4235514-300x200Benefit from the expertise of our Certified Naturopath Sue-Anne Hickey as she leads you and a team of motivated peers on your path to attaining your weight loss, fitness, and health goals!

Sue-Anne’s approach to weight loss is the healthy and effective way of going about the challenge – slowly and consistently, with an emphasis on health and proper nutrition.

Her unique 13-week program is your journey to gain:

  • Improved energy and vitality
  • Happiness and greater self-image
  • Improved health habits
  • Emotional balance
  • And of course, the weight loss you have always wanted!

It allows clients access to its unique ‘BioTracker’ system that measures weight, body fat percentage, hydration levels, lean muscle mass, metabolic age, bone mass and more!

In this amazing 13-week weight loss program, you will also receive:

  • A 60-minute one on one consultation with our Naturopath Sue-Anne Hickey to determine which of the four specific glandular body types you have and receive your personalized plan.
  • Weekly accountability sessions at our center where you will have the opportunity to share your weight loss struggles and triumphs in a confidential setting.
  • Health Education: knowledge and life skills that will help you achieve lasting health and fitness
  • Social support: a fun group setting provides you with an instant social network of friends with similar goals that can assist you on your personal journey to success
  • A personalized, flexible program that allows you to eat what you want, and a customized supplement program to meet your individual needs. There are no pre-packaged meals in this program!
  • A complete manual filled with invaluable information and tools to keep you on track.

4bodytypes-2-300x219Our Certified Naturopath will teach you about the four distinct body types and help you discover how eating right for your type can completely transform your life!

Give us a call today to find out when our next group begins!

The investment for the entire 13-week program is only $350 plus tax.

Space is limited to 10 individuals in this group, so don’t miss your chance to finally realize your health and weight loss goals!

It’s time to make the lifestyle changes you’ve always wanted to and shed those unwanted pounds for good! No matter your age or background, everybody deserves to improve their health and look and feel their very best, including YOU!

Call or email us for more information or to register today: 514-758-7792 or info@epcenter.ca

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