bigstock-Sad-man-speaking-to-a-therapis-45669028-300x201Psychotherapy is defined as “psychological treatment for a mental disorder, behavioural disturbances, or any other problem leading to psychological distress or suffering, aiming to promote significant changes in the client’s cognitive, emotional or behavioural functioning, interpersonal relationships, personality, or overall health.” (Bill 21 of National Assembly of Quebec 2011).

Psychotherapy is the process of speaking about your problems and resolving them with the help of a professional. It can involve talking and listening, goal setting, problem solving, skills training, understanding the past, discovering and changing patterns, and letting go. Personal troubles a therapist can help you with include anxiety, depression, professional burnout, grief and bereavement, relationship issues, poor self-esteem and motivation, anger management, career orientation, interpersonal and communication skills, and many more. Give us a call today and see which of our professionals would be the best fit in helping you overcome your own personal struggle. We offer psychotherapy services for adults, adolescents, and children.

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