How long does therapy last?

Psychotherapy is a process that can last several sessions to a few months, and sometimes up to a year or more. The average duration is 12-
19 sessions. It can take time for clients and their therapists to work together at finding solutions and implementing lifestyle changes. At the Evolution Psychology Center we are focused on your goals, relief of your symptoms, and prevention of future difficulty. You will see relief and progress within a few sessions.

Is therapy expensive?

Question marksOur fees range based on type of service and practitioner. As we are a private clinic, insurance can cover some or all of our services. Therapy is an investment in yourself, your health, and your future, but is nevertheless an expense that must fit your personal financial situation. We are here to help you overcome your challenges, not break the bank. As such, sessions can be arranged to best suit your needs by being spaced out, varied in length, or more focused on assigned homework and personal growth.

What should I expect when seeing a therapist?

You will meet with a compassionate and non-judgmental professional to discuss the difficulties you are experiencing; someone who will listen to you and create a plan to help alleviate your painful symptoms, create positive changes, and reach solutions. The first session serves as an evaluation; you will be asked some questions as you and your therapist get to know each other better. Initial goals will be established and some homework may be given to help guide you and keep you on track until your next visit.

What about confidentiality?

All your personal information is kept strictly confidential and stored in a safe and secure location. No one has access to your records and no personal information is ever shared without your consent. The only exceptional conditions under which confidential information is divulged are in the event of a court order or imminent risk of serious abuse or harm to self or others. Please visit Exceptions in our Privacy Policy for more information.

What makes EPC different from other centers?

At Evolution Psychology Center we believe in a ‘whole person’ approach. We don’t simply look at symptoms or merely one aspect of any given problem. Instead, we see you as a complete person and work with all facets of your life to create lasting positive change. We work synchronously with your body and mind.

We also believe in working collaboratively with other professionals on our team as well as in the community. With your consent we can talk to your doctor or other healthcare professionals to ensure everyone is working together to provide you with the best care.

Will therapy work for me?

At Evolution Psychology Center our focus is on offering you the best possible care; resolving symptoms that you are suffering with, and preventing them from reoccurring in the future. Goals are set and progress can be measured as you go forward with therapy. We work with you to achieve the results you desire. (See our client testimonials for others success stories).

Sometimes you may fear things have gone too far, you’re not sure anything can help, or you feel too much damage has been done and you are ‘beyond help.’ We have been helping people just like you for over 10 years. We can help undo past damage, heal old wounds, and bring you relief and resolution. You’re not crazy, your problems aren’t too big for us, and we can help. If ever you consult with us and your presenting problems fall outside of our expertise, we will help refer you to the best suited professional who can help.

How can I get the most out of therapy?

You’ll get the most out of your therapy experience by participating fully in sessions, completing homework between sessions, and being open to stepping outside your comfort zone and trying some new (yet always safe) things. Although it can be difficult at times, coming to your therapist with an open heart and mind will bring you quicker results and lasting change.

Is therapy painful?

At times therapy can explore some difficult topics and feelings that can result in some emotional pain and discomfort. As we discuss them and work through them, however, you will be better able to manage these difficult feelings. The focus will be on the resolution of any painful emotions or memories that arise. Nothing that you and your therapist cannot handle will be brought to the surface. Therapy is about learning to get through the tough stuff and make space for the positive experiences and feelings in your life.

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