Career Counselling

bigstock-Business-Team-3469529-300x200 (1) Choosing a school program, a new career, or changing career paths can be overwhelming and confusing. Career Counselling can be beneficial to you at different times in your life. If you are an adolescent faced with deciding on a college program or trade; a university graduate struggling to choose the right career path, or already employed and wishing make a career change, Career Counselling can help you make the decision that best suits your unique individual needs, skills, and preferences, so you can stop worrying and start shaping your future.

Are you:

  • Feeling lost or confused when thinking about your future career?
  • Unsatisfied in your current job and looking to make a change?
  • Struggling with the decision of choosing a major or program to study in school?
  • About to graduate from high school, CEGEP, or university and unsure of what to do next?
  • Uncertain about what your interests are and what career you are best suited for?

You will benefit from:

  • 2 standardizes interest assessments
  • 1-2 personality/aptitude tests
  • 2 additional tests of in-depth personality and character assessment
  • 7 hours of in-person consultation with a licensed career counsellor
  • Reports and interpretation (yours to take home)

The total cost for this comprehensive package is $2,447 (payable in 3 instalments) and covers the cost of 5-6 assessments, 7 hours of in person sessions with a Career Counsellor, and personal reports to take home.

We can also customize your career counselling program to best suit your unique needs.

If you are struggling with the pressure of what may be some of the most important decisions you will make in your life, give us a call and find out how we can help you find direction, satisfaction, and fulfillment in your career, regardless of your current life stage, it is never too late to finally find the path you were destined for.

Contact Evolution Psychology Center today to make an appointment with a trained Montreal Career Counselor at 514-758-7792 or

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