Anger Management

bigstock-sunset-and-happy-young-man-12750674-300x199Did you know that chronic anger can lead to marital or relationship difficulties, physical health problems, poor judgment, financial and legal troubles, personal feelings of guilt, resentment, and further anger?

  • Is your anger out of control and do you fly off the handle and just “lose it” more often than you’d like to and then regret it later?
  • Do you have frequent fights with your partner?
  • Do people often tell you that you need to “calm down” or that you have anger problems you should get a handle on?
  • Does anger affect your work performance, is your boss frequently upset with you and are you afraid your angry outbursts may cost you your job?
  • Are your angry outbursts harming your relationships? Are others afraid of your anger, and does it take days or weeks for them to recover, forgive and trust you again?
  • Are you stuck in this vicious cycle, do you feel guilt and shame about your anger and don’t know what to do about it?

Sound like you or someone you know? Evolution Psychology Center can help you GET A GRIP and break the vicious cycle of anger. We will help you get control of your anger so it stops controlling you. Our psychologist and anger management expert specifically designed our unique programs for ANGER MANAGEMENT. Our program has a two-pronged focus; managing anger as it arises, and learning to recognize and reduce individual anger triggers.

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Female Fists On A Wooden Table‘Get A Grip’ – Accelerated Anger Management

Our signature ‘Get A Grip’ Group was designed with you in mind to learn how to ‘Get a Grip’ on your anger; mange and reduce your unhealthy anger, and improve your life.
Here’s the program and what you’ll learn:

  • Week 1: All about anger, what it is, why you need it, healthy and unhealthy anger, and how to assess your anger.
  • Week 2: Thinking techniques – tools to break negative angry thought patterns and beliefs that create and sustain anger.
  • Week 3: Physical techniques – how you can use physical techniques to calm yourself down when your anger hijacks you.
  • Week 4: Emotional techniques – what you can do to prevent anger escalations and to keep a cool head.
  • Week 5: Behavioural Techniques – tools you can use to reduce anger in the moment before losing your cool and some 11th hour interventions for when you are escalating.
  • Week 6: How to have healthy anger – what does healthy anger look like and how you can express yourself, mend and improve relationships, and repair any other damage caused by unhealthy anger.

In our ‘Get a Grip’ Anger Management Group you’ll receive:

Evolution Psychology Center CAN HELP. Contact us today to Get a Grip on your Anger and change your life 514-758-7792 or

Two ways to ‘Get a Grip’:

angergroup1) ‘Get a Grip’ – Accelerated Anger Management

If you prefer to work in person with a specialist and learn from others also struggling with unhealthy anger, our signature ‘Get A Grip’ Group is right for you. It is designed to provide accelerated results in a 6 session, small confidential group. You will learn all about your anger and how to break angry thought patterns, improve communication, and gain a full toolbox to reduce unhealthy anger. The ‘Get a Grip’ Group will help you GET IN CONTROL OF YOUR ANGER.

In our ‘Get a Grip’ Anger Management Group you will receive:

The cost of our ‘Get a Grip’ Accelerated Anger Management Program is $750. Payable in one or two instalments.

That works out to $125 per week for two hours of expert Anger Management training.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experts. 514-758-7792 or

bigstock-Furious-Business-People-Having-30050489-300x2002) ‘Freedom From Anger’ – Fast Track to Reduce Destructive Unhealthy Anger

‘Freedom from Anger’ provides all the benefits of our ‘Get a Grip’ Group AND an additional 6 individual sessions with an anger management specialist that will guide you through your unique struggles with anger, for a more personalized understanding of what makes you tick and how YOU lose your cool.

Working personally with an anger management specialist AND our ‘Get a Grip’ Group, you will learn to lessen your limiting beliefs and obstacles to healthy, prevent anger build-up and blow-up, feel better about yourself, improve your relationships, and work towards achieving freedom from unhealthy anger.

You will receive:

The cost for this 2 in 1 program is $1,295, payable in 1 or 3 instalments.

An overall value of $1,750, yours for $1,295.

Relief from unhealthy anger is only a phone call away. Evolution Psychology Center CAN HELP. Contact us today to Get a Grip on your anger and change your life for the better! 514-758-7792 or


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