Stress Management

stress1Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed?

We’ve all experienced the pressures and demands of life. Deadlines, worrying about test results, family demands, work pressures, traffic, rushing for an appointment, feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day, etc. Stress is a natural reaction to demands that are placed upon us. In small doses stress helps us perform under pressure and motivate us to do our best. In large doses or when it becomes chronic however, it can be harmful, decrease concentration, performance, and strength and can make us emotionally and physically ill.

Do you or a loved one notice:

  • Feeling overwhelmed, depleted, and fatigued?
  • Feeling burned out?
  • Feeling hurried or constantly pressured, like there aren’t enough hours in a day?
  • Unable to relax?
  • Constant worrying?
  • Trouble concentrating and focusing?
  • Psychosomatic complaints such as headaches, aches and pains, diarrhea or constipation, allergic reactions, eczema, heart burn etc.?
  • Difficulty sleeping such as falling and/or staying asleep?
  • Feelings of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and/or sadness?

The more questions you answered ‘yes’ to, the closer you or your loved one may be to stress overload. You are not alone. You or your loved one can benefit from stress management. Evolution Psychology Center provides effective stress management treatment programs. You don’t need to suffer with stress any longer, we can help you. Contact us today to make an appointment with a Montreal Psychologist or Therapist at 514-758-7792 or

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