Natural Stress & Anxiety-Relieving Supplements

Still keeping with our theme of the month; nutrition and natural health, this week’s post will be a little different. Supplements can be a controversial topic, mostly because many of us, myself included, don’t have much knowledge on what they consist of, and how they work on our bodies. We often hear clients assert that they don’t want to take medication “no matter what.” This of course, is a personal choice that each individual is entitled too. We do believe that pharmacotherapy would be largely beneficial, or even necessary for some clients, but we always respect the clients’ wishes, and tailor their treatments accordingly. Natural supplements, however, do not fall into the same category, as they are essentially natural agents and vitamins that are extracted from healthy foods and natural sources.

The following represents a small list of supplements our Naturopath, Sue-Anne Hickey, recommends to her clients who are struggling with difficult psychological symptoms.

Natural Supplements for Emotional Health

1) Bach Flower Remedies: created by Dr. Edward Bach, these plant-based essences have been found to help relieve stress and anxiety in children, adults, and even animals. He discovered 38 specific flowers, each possessing specific remedial properties for numerous psychological states. Many of our clients have seen positive results from Bach Flower Remedies.

2) Complex B Vitamins: as explained in our “Good Mood Food” post, many instances of low mood and depressive as well as anxious symptoms are caused by a vitamin B deficiency. Further, Vitamin B5 and Pantothenic acid have been found to safely and effectively help control panic symptoms and anxiety attacks. A high quality complex B vitamin is recommended; our Naturopath only recommends Nature’s Sunshine vitamins and provides them to her clients directly from our center.

3) Stress Formula: this supplement is a combination of Complex B, vitamin C, and calming herbs that is effective in reducing stress for individuals of all ages. Special advantages have been found in adolescents.

It must be emphasized that working with a Naturopath, such as the one we have at Evolution Psychology Center, will ensure that you are guided in choosing the best products available, determining the supplements that will be most beneficial in your particular case, and the appropriate dosage as well as length of time you should be taking them. Even though natural, it is always best to consult a professional before taking vitamins and supplements to ensure safety as well as optimal results.

For more information on natural supplements for mental and emotional wellness as well as physical health, give us a call to schedule a consultation with our experienced Naturopath.