Meet Kim Wolfe; Our Psychotherapist & Career/ Educational Counsellor

By Hagit Malikin

Kim is a licensed psychotherapist with over a decade of experience in counselling, coaching, educational consulting, career management and psychotherapy. Her solution-focused approach is to empower & motivate you to take charge of your life and assist you in developing the required skills to cope with life’s challenges and overcome your current difficulties. Her interventions are tailored specifically for you and incorporate clinically effective strategies such as cognitive behavioural therapy, positive psychology, talk-therapy, active listening, education, coaching, relaxation, visualization and mindfulness.

In addition to her private practice, Kim worked as a School Counsellor in a couple of private high schools in Montreal which has provided her with extensive experience in academic advising and career counselling.  As a recent member of the Evolution Psychology Center in Montreal, Kim works with both adults and teens by helping them face everyday challenges.  She has the tools and knowledge to help teens discover their future educational and career paths as well as help adults explore and discover new career options.

Educational and academic decisions can sometimes be difficult. Kim specializes in exploring interests and options as well as guiding students toward their academic goals.  She also helps with the application process to High School, CEGEP and University.

For students looking to develop concrete strategies to improve their study methods, organizational skills and presentation skills, Kim can provide useful tips and tools toward academic success.

If you are looking for career counselling, Kim can provide you with the necessary tools needed to find the perfect career by examining your interests, strengths and values.  She will assist you in writing resumes and cover letters as well as guiding you to develop appropriate interview skills.

Should you be experiencing challenges at work, Kim can help in areas such as burnout, stress management, conflict resolution and interpersonal relationships.