The goal of life coaching is to meet clients where they are at in their current lives and help them achieve their future goals.

What will coaching help me with? 

  • Clarify goals and identify obstacles
  • Action-based plan for weight loss, career changes, relationship improvement, self-esteem, codependency etc.
  • Breakdown and examine limiting beliefs
  • Help you take action to receive results
  • Strategies and systems to change future behaviour
  • How to implement new skills and discover existing skills
  • How to complete tasks

What is the difference between life coaching and psychotherapy? 

The major difference between psychotherapy and life coaching is the focus of the work: psychotherapy focuses on mental health and emotional healing, while life coaching focuses on setting and achieving goals.

In short – consider psychotherapy if you want to heal or get help with a mental health concern; try life coaching if you need help getting “unstuck” or realizing a fuller potential.

Life coaching uses SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Based) goals and blueprints to get very specific and detailed about the details of an individual’s goals.

Life coaches do not diagnose or work with mental health disorders. Most clients who begin life coaching are aware of their goals and are ready and motivated to take action in 12 weeks or less.

Additional potential questions about life coaching

Who needs a life and health coach? 

Anyone who is committed to taking action and ready to make changes in their lives. A life coach serves as an accountability partner who is dedicated to helping you achieve your desired goals all while supporting you through any roadblocks along the way.

Are there different kinds of life coaches?

Yes! There are as many kinds of life coaches as there are problems to be worked on. Our life coach at Evolution Psychology specializes in life, health, relationship, and mindset coaching.

How many sessions do I need? 

10 sessions over 10 weeks is the recommend amount of time to maximize the effectiveness of your results. Sessions are 75 minutes.

Can life coaching be done online? 

Yes, online and in person.

What qualifications does a life coach have? 

Every life coach is certified by a Coaching Federation plus any additional degrees and/or trainings.

75-minute life coaching sessions are for individuals looking to break-free of addictive patterns (food, alcohol, relationships), codependency, and self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours. Individual sessions are best suited for clients looking to gain clarity, skills and accountability surrounding their goals. For clients who are unsure of what is holding them back, which goals to set and how, please refer to the 10-week transformation package below.

75 mins $140.00 per session
Cancellation fee of ½ session ($70.00) unless notified 24 hours in advance 

 Coaching Packages

10-week Transformative Package (Best Value):

This package includes 90-minute sessions per week.

Are you tired of repeating the same patterns in your life and don’t know how to stop? Are you feeling unsatisfied with your relationships, self-image, or career? This 10-week intensive, transformative journey will have you understanding why you do the things you do that are holding you back, why you might be choosing the same unsuitable partners for yourself, and why you can’t seem to move forward towards your goals or dream life. This program is for anyone who is ready to put in the work and who is prepared to be rid of some major blocks that have been holding them back.

What’s included: 

  • Concrete goals and a structured program designed for successful achievement
  • Weekly email correspondence and tasks
  • Post program email support for one month upon program completion

Weekly sessions cover: 

  • Clarity surrounding your goals and vision
  • Intensive work into discovering who you are and who you need to be to create the life you desire.
  • Clarity surrounding your values and how to align with them to support your goals
  • Looking at your habits (good & bad)
  • Strategies, skills, and tools to keep you accountable week by week
  • Deep dive into what is keeping you stuck and why
  • Insight into your relationships and how to improve them
  • Mapping and planning your action steps
  • How to manage relapses
  • Additional supports and resources
  • Timeline goal setting

90-minute sessions per week x 10 weeks $2000.00 (to be paid upfront)
Cancellation fee: lost session if no show (no make-up sessions) unless notified 24 hours in advance.

Binge Eating Support Group (Online)

This program entails 90-minute session per week for 12 weeks.

Weekly sessions cover: 

  • What is binge eating?
  • Root causes & why we binge
  • What sugar and processed flour do to our brain
  • How to manage impulsive thoughts and behaviours
  • Coping with life in healthy ways
  • Developing skills to deal with intense emotions, feelings, and challenges
  • Gaining more purpose in life
  • What to eat and why?
  • How to NOT diet
  • How to handle relapses
  • Sustainable recovery
  • Additional resources

Minutes a week for 12 weeks: 948$ per person (79$ per week, must be paid upfront)
Cancellation fee: Lost session, no make-up sessions available