Important Things You Need To Know About: Career Counselling

By Hagit Malikin

What is career counselling?

This type of counselling is focused on helping the individual learn and understand the career and educational options available to him/her. It’s designed to help choose, change or leave a career at any given point in the person’s life. In addition to career choices, career counselling helps determine various educational paths needed to obtain the career of choice.

Who can benefit from career counselling?

Career counselling is available to everyone! From the moment you need to decide about your CEGEP program, to the time you realize you need a career change; career counselling is open to everyone.

High school students benefit from career counselling as they get the chance to learn about their likes and dislikes as well as various CEGEP programs.

Adults who are thinking about a career change may benefit from career counselling. They will have the opportunity to discuss their options and see what matches their passion. Adults with many years of work experience in one field may have a hard time making the decision to change. Career counsellors are equipped to help make this decision and transition easier.

How does career counselling help?

  • Help identify strengths, weaknesses & values
  • Explore your likes and dislikes
  • Explore career choices
  • Explore educational paths
  • Self – understanding
  • Provide tools for
    • Interviews
    • Resumé writing
    • Personal branding
    • Cover letters writing
    • Interpersonal relationships

What are some tools used in career counselling?

When trying to find out which career choice is best for you, career counsellors will use various assessments & questionnaires as well as talk-therapy to help you understand yourself better.

Things you can do on your own

You can visit the following websites to help identity potential career options aligned with your interest:

You can also create a list of the recent jobs you had by highlighting the likes and dislikes of that particular job.

Who can I see for help?

Kim Wolfe, a psychotherapist at the Evolution Psychology Center, has worked with both teens and adults by helping them with CEGEP and university information/applications, career choices as well as providing them with the skills necessary for successful job applications.