Get a Grip Anger Management Group

“Thanks to the Anger Management Group at EPC, I have become more conscious of my unhealthy behaviours and now try to think before I act. I remember any apply certain tools we were taught such as the ‘bite your tongue technique’ and have become more conscious and aware my words and how I use them […]

Psychotherapy with Paula Lorimer

2“I went to see Dr. Lorimer for personal matters. I found her to be highly professional and an outstanding guide in helping us find solutions. She is a warm, open, attentive, punctual and easy to talk to and expressed herself in a clear and concise manner. I would highly recommend Paula Lorimer’s services.” ~ Susie […]

Career Counseling with Filip Olechowski

« Given my experience and the fact that I knew my aptitudes and my interests strongly, I was confused about which field I should look into for a new job. My sessions with Filip gave me the opportunity to understand the bigger picture of a work environment, my personality and moreover, that behind each job, there […]