Important Things You Need to Know About: The Mind – Body Connection

By Hagit Malikin, Intern at Evolution Psychology Center Physical health is one of the most important aspects of one’s life. Without caring for our body, nurturing it and providing it with necessary attention, it may be very hard to live a full and exciting life. The World Health Organization (WHO) dedicates the month of April

Important Things You Need To Know About: New Year’s Resolutions

by Hagit Malikin, Student Intern Happy New Year everyone! Let’s welcome 2019 with open arms and embark on new and exciting adventures this year. Many New Year traditions usually look something like this: big parties with friends and/or family, champagne, lots of food and of course, our New Year’s Resolutions.  “In 2019, I will exercise

Are You Due for a Vacation?

Our last post outlined the importance of vacations for our physical and emotional health. It is advisable to take at least one week per year (arguably two) to remove ourselves from our work and everyday environment, and immerse ourselves in either something new, or something exclusively nurturing. There are however, signs that a week or