How to Effectively Set Boundaries

Do you often find yourself eating at restaurants that were not your choice? Are you regularly leaving work late because your boss asks you to do one last thing before you go? Do you feel taken advantage of? If you constantly find yourself unsatisfied in relationships, whether they be work-related or personal, it is likely […]

Unhealthy Relationships

At the core of healthy relationships you can feel safe, respected, and accepted for who you are. You feel equal to your friend or partner. This person enriches your life. They are mutually supportive and beneficial. A healthy relationship does not mean a perfect relationship, but it means that you are always respected and safe. […]

The Misconceptions of Therapy

For many of us, the decision to pursue therapeutic counselling was one that felt easy, giving us hope that we might be able to improve our lives through learning how to regulate our emotions. But for others, this choice can create feelings of uncertainty, confusion, and maybe even shame. The stigma surrounding therapy and mental […]

No Longer Bound to Binge

Binge eating is a painful disorder, both physically and mentally, that has a gift for making us feel worthless, undeserving, and lazy. Wildly misunderstood, it is an addiction that controls our impulses with a rush of dopamine that accompanies each binge. Skeptics and self-proclaimed “health experts” look down upon those who struggle with binge eating, […]

August: Let’s discuss the topic of stress

Let’s talk about stress Greetings everyone, The word stress tends to have negative connotations – understandably so! What I’d like to unpack though is the difference between “good stress” called eustress and unhealthy “bad stress” called distress. Let’s take a moment to talk about the differences between the two, discuss how they manifest and influence […]

May: Ways to Cultivate Joy

May: Ways to Cultivate Joy Greetings to you all, With the beautiful weather finally emerging, we thought it would be a good time to talk about what joy is and ways we can cultivate joy. So what distinguishes joy from happiness? While they both describe positive feelings, they are actually very different. Happiness is an […]

March: Can Anger be Healthy?

March: Can Anger Be Healthy? Every day, we feel and observe a plethora of different emotions; happiness, sadness, anticipation, jealousy, fearfulness, etc. Each of these internal feelings helps guide us through our experiences, reactions, and life. Anger is one of these feelings that we need for our survival and healthy functioning. However, how we relate […]

February: Black History Month

February: Black History Month and the Effects of Racial Discrimination on Mental Health In honour of Black History Month, we would like to take the opportunity to discuss the impact of discrimination on mental health. Discrimination can happen anywhere – whether it be at work, at school, on the train and even at home. It […]